On a Lighter Note…

Here are some things never before said on the internet! I call them Google virgins:

“I left my phlegm there”

“People remember pencils”

“Nobody will eat my toes”

“Strange that the internet knows nothing”

“String is an American treasure”

“Pizza should not be policed”

“I want to sing of pancakes”

“Too many people like my testicles”

“Bok choy is something to eat”

“Masks make me look pretty”

“My blood has been thinned with turpentine”

“Too many people remember to flush”

“Trucks stop for kittens” (sad emoji face)

“Penguins are your masters”

“The dead kennnedys were not a band”

“Wash your hair with shame”  

“Challenging times require complacency”

“Pianos are the flutes of tomorrow”

“Let me nibble on your soul”

Here are three phrases that get exactly one hit on Google:

“I have misplaced my genitals”

“president Trump is mentally sound”

“Trump supporters are not morons”

This one gets two:

“Tangerines are people”

And this one has 7,620 entries:

“Death is not all it’s cracked up to be”

So… what does all of this tell us about our culture? Probably lots, but what I take away is that there is still room for original thought in 2020!

Now this:


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