Today’s Post is a Petition

Tell Traditional Medicinals to change the racist name of the Gypsy Tea.

“Gypsy” is widely accepted as an ethnic slur for the Romani people. I brought up the troubling name of their tea to Traditional Medicinals. the owner of the health food store where I worked communicated with them. They claimed that their founder was “Gypsy” and they made vague promises to look into the matter and to consider changing the product name. In other words they blew us off.

But now, things are different. Now Aunt Jemima is dead. Now, a petition from a teenager forced Trader Joe’s to drop product names like “Trader José.”

The time has come to change this product name. And if you are confused or unsure about the offensiveness of the word, that’s OK. Click on the daisy, below, for a blog post I wrote in 2010.


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