Due to Suckage of WordPress, my posts can now be found of Medium

Hello, people who are not me,

I am no longer posting on WordPress because a new update makes the site too annoying to use, except to use it to tell you that I’m not using it.

I have TWO Medium sites, both of which will save the universe:

Daisybrain on Medium


OCD-Free on Medium

Feel free too keep reading my thousands of fascinating posts on this very Daisybrain WordPress site; hopefully they will stay archived here until the next apocalypse.

But I also urge you to join Medium and follow both of my new blogs. You’ll find some familiar Daisybrain material that are essential for your continued survival, as well as new work that goes beyond the scope of the old Daisybrain. Your mind will achieve bogglement.

Thank you. Love illuminates life,


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