Do You Suffer from OCD?

I write a blog on Medium, where I share my experiences with OCD and how I overcame my symptoms. You can find it here: OCD-FRee on Medium.

This site (Daisybrain on WordPress) is inactive now, as I have started blogging on Medium. WordPress imposed a terrible update that made blogging here too annoying.

You can follow my OCD & Spirituality writing on Medium, and/or you can read my goofy wordplay, poems & essays on my new Daisybrain blog.

To recap:

  • WordPress sucks, so I left it for Medium.
  • I have 2 blogs you are cordially invited to follow:
  1. OCD-Free (writings on OCD, spirituality and culture)
  2. New Daisybrain, where you can read about cheese, new words & the dangers of socks.

Now, because WordPress won’t let me link a picture of a flower to a site outside WordPress, click the word “flower”:


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