What’s on the Mind of Daisybrain?

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Here’s some of what I’ve been thinking lately:

  • If we say “sometime” instead of “someonewhen,” then we should say “somespace” instead of “somewhere.” Let’s keep it consistent, folks!
  • A penis is well named, but a butt should be called a poopus.
  • The Beatles haven’t come out with a good song in years.
  • How many ohms in one ōm?
  • I may present as male, but one of my parents is female — I’m half woman.
  • We always gotta click the “I am not a robot” captcha. But if there are robots out there surfing the web, there should be an option for “I am a robot.” It’s only fair to the robots.
  • It’s more respectful to your socks to call them a couple, rather than a pair.
  • I spent the entire day with my left sock on my right foot and my right sock on my left foot. And nobody said anything!
  • When “groovy” was dying out and “cool” was taking over, there was a brief overlap when things were “grool.”
  • I strongly suspect that exactly the same percentage of people from mystical, idealized ancient civilizations were assholes as are currently assholes.

Chickens are always eggsplaining things, and I find it fowl.

are some of the many anagrams for Donald Trump, all of which seem right on point

whereas Joe Biden has very few anagrams, including be joined and I need job.

  • If I opened up a burrito joint in Alaska, I’d call it Brrritos.

And finally, from my cousins Judi:

  • Why daydreams but not nightdreams? Is a nightmare a nocturnal horse? Why is there yesterday, today, but no nextday? Why are there day lilies, nightshade, morning glories, evening primrose, but no afternoon flower? Why did humans decide freezing cold climates were OK places to live?


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