Alphabet Story

February 21, 2018

An apple always appreciates anything advertised as “Astronomical!”

Bees basically break beauty basics because bees behave badly.

Can cream cheese cure cancer?

Definitely don’t do Daddy’s dirty deeds.

Every enchanted egg entering elementary education eventually earns enlightenment.

Finnegan freezes fish farts for fun.

Great God girl! Granny’s grown gigantic gonads!

Handsome Hillary handily heals herself.

I improvise ice installments inside iguana igloos.

Jocular Jennifer just juried Justin’s jokes.

Kittens keep kissing kangaroos!

Lauren laughed loudly, looking like Lilly’s lewd Labrador

My mom makes magic marijuana muffins.

Nitwit NASCAR newlyweds never need nuts, nutrition, nor napkins.

Oprah occupies our Oval Office.

Prince posthumously postulates porcupines, plus positively proves penguin precognition.

Queens quietly quibble, questioning quantum “quacks.”

Resist rational reasoning; recollect random realizations.

Smurfs summon Satan!

Tacky tea toddling teenagers try transmitting thoughts telepathically to teach toilet training to toddlers.

Undulating underwear understands us, uncovering unbearable uncertainty.

Vegetarian vampires vanquish villainous veterinarians.

What weird water works with wandering wallabies?

Xena x-rays xylophones.

You yummy yo-yo, you.

Zig-Zagging zebras zap zombies.

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It’s the Children, Dummy

February 20, 2018

Today at work, a wise colleague told me that the Florida children demonstrating for gun control, while impressive, “will lose.” He explained, “They don’t know what they’re up against.” I predict just the opposite. They will win. And I have history backing up my position.

Great social movements, with the odds stacked against them have, and will continue to be won, by children. Adults may be too weary, or scared, or jaded to persevere. But when kids are fired up with a great cause, they can be unstoppable. Let’s look at a few notable example of how kids have changed the world when their parents thought, “They don’t know what they’re up against.”

The Birmingham Children’s Crusade

In 1963, the Civil Rights movement faced a crucial test in Birmingham, Alabama, and it was losing. Dr. King and his allies couldn’t find enough adults to make the sacrifices necessary to confront an defeat an oppressive system of racial injustice. This was the Jim Crow of the South, set up by Whites after Reconstruction as a permanent caste system designed to maintain White rule.

It was only when the children of Birmingham and the surrounding towns took up the call to “fill the jails,” often without their parents’ permission, that the world took notice and the White power structure was defeated. The Birmingham Children’s Movement resulted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Nashville and other sit-ins of the 1960s were conducted by students who may not have been as young as the many of the Birmingham students, but were still not old enough to let seemingly overwhelming odds stop them from taking action. They faced violence and jail and kept going until their cities were desegregated.

Child Textile Workers March

On July 7, 1903, hundreds of exploited juvenile textile laborers began a 100 mile march from Philadelphia to Teddy Rosevelt’s home in New York. Their agitation helped to reform child labor laws.

No matter what the immediate result of the new children’s movement for gun sanity, the participants and all of society win when children and young adults wake up and become enthusiastically engaged citizens. The seeds they are planting in our country will bloom for a generation.

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An Urban Prayer

February 8, 2018

May there be only green lights

May there always be money left in the meter

May there be a stash of quarters ready for your laundry

May there be two dollars in pocket to tip the barista

May the crossing walk change to walk as you approach

And may your favorite music come on at the grocery store


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December 31, 2017

Hi. My role models are epiphytes. You know, those plants that grow without soil. They just absorb sunlight, moisture from the air and they don’t really bother anybody. They give us oxygen. And they hurt no one.

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It’s My Tumblr Blog!

September 17, 2017

Here’s a screenshot from my Tumblr blog. Click it if you would like to look at Punk Pictures, Political Polemics, Peaceful Protests & Pathetic Poetry:

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.06.40 AM

UPDATE: After many years of blogging, Tumblr disabled my account. They sent a notice that I had violated copyright laws by posting some band pictures I found online without permission. I offered to remove all unattributed posts, but they declined. So now I can waste my time elsewhere….

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Band Names Based on Electronic Music Terms

September 6, 2017


Here you go:

Hi Bias




Hard Disk



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Thomas Hovering

August 29, 2017


The GPS monitor dug into his ankle and it hurt, all day. Thomas figured out a way to fall asleep with it, but by morning the black metal box with its flashing red and green lights had twisted around and it felt like someone had spent the night quietly sawing off his foot while he slept. I’ll get used to it. Sometime in the next 4 1/2 years of my probation I’ll stop noticing it.

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