Trumps’ Best War

August 5, 2019


Your base is in place

But that’s not a lock on the race 

You tried racist tweets

But still face defeat

Destroying the environment

Won’t prevent your forced retirement

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Lactose Avoidance and a Storied Story

July 16, 2019

I pride myself in my tolerance, so you can imagine my discomfort with the realization that I was lactose intolerant. My friend Amy Mercury helped me find some less harsh ways to express any condition. Instead of lactose intolerant, I am:

  • Lactose Averse
  • Lactose Contemptuous
  • Lactose Illiberal
  • Lactose Unindulgent
  • Lactose Waspish

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June 13, 2019

What the fuck, Rat?

You are frozen in my mind

The part of you that lives in me is young, very young

People keep trading out perfectly good bodies for old costumes

Costumes with rips and tears

Some of us have just the young part of life

Or an accelerated life

But what the fuck?

More death:


Annoyed and Enlightened

May 30, 2019


That’s a little cartoon I call, “People, shut the fuck up for a minute!” I mean, it’s hard to think of any other animal that just constantly jabbers: talk, talk, talk. Give it a rest! The other animals on the planet have told me that they are annoyed, so quiet the fuck down. The trees, too… they can’t take it anymore. The greatest thing about the original Planet of the Apes movies was that humans had lost the ability to speak. Thank fucking God.

I walked around in a labyrinth and came up with this poem:

I create my life’s story

I live my life’s story

I create stories with my life.

I am both in the center of my labyrinth

And on the path of my labyrinth

I don’t have to wait around for anything to happen

I am happening

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April 2, 2019


You are the inner child of all of creation.

You are the spark, the light, the reason.

You are the heartbeat. You are the rhythm.

My sadness for the lack of you will dissipate in your wake.

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March 26, 2019

Photo by Fine Gardening Magazine

I am so grateful to live in the age of trees.

Trees hold the Earth and sky together. 

Fungi hold trees together.

I hold myself together.

But sometimes I slip through my fingers.

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Joey and the Restless Leg

March 8, 2019

Joey couldn’t take his eyes off the guy’s leg. Why did that guy have to constantly shake his leg? Why do people do that? Nervous energy? Does it sooth them, like playing with a spiky ball might sooth a kid with a mental disorder? It was driving Joey crazy. He couldn’t say anything because then he’d sound like an asshole. He held his hand over the right side of his face, blocking his view of the leg. But it was awkward to keep his hand there. He’d have to leave and find another table to sit at. 

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a wall, a prayer & some advice

January 25, 2019


I open my eyes and I am just standing here

And once again, maybe always, I am pushing against a wall

There have been walls before

A series of walls

I can’t go back because the path disappeared behind me

So I have to push ahead past this wall or I’ll die here


May I give and receive only loving-kindness today, in harmony with the Universe.

How to Deal with Difficult People

Love them. People are like dogs. Even the ones who bark you want to pet and rub their bellies.

Here’s something:


Deep Hole

October 25, 2018

I have fallen into a very, very deep hole

And all it took was a suggestion of a push

Now what do I do?

And why have I fallen so easily?

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I Dreamed My Family

October 24, 2018


I dreamed my family was really my family

Nights of holding in comfort

Of building more family

Days of building dreams

Of knowing, of connecting

Of being mutually indispensable

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