Tearing Families Apart: An American Tradition

July 10, 2020

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Tearing babies from the arms of their mothers is nothing new in America. 

We are all still sickened by the state-sanctioned child abuse on our Southern border, where children, including babies, have been ripped from their parents’ arms and put into cages.

But this practice of breaking up families of color has its roots in the very foundation of the nation. It was common practice to tear apart African American families during slavery and sell off children and other family members.

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Nodding Off

May 28, 2020

With the arrival of mask culture, we must learn alternative ways to communicate the nuances formerly expressed by or faces. It turns out that the humble nod, which we once took for granted, can be utilized in myriad forms to convey a wealth of meaning. But not all nods say the same thing! Here is a chart explaining the meanings of the basic types of nods available to you.

autodraw yes


autodraw 4


autodraw 3


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Flow and OCD

August 7, 2019


Living in the flow of life means being OK with where you are right now. It doesn’t mean you’re not going anywhere, it is just a release from the anxiety that swells up when you believe you are  not where of when you are supposed to be. And it feels really good.

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Hey Honky!!!

November 26, 2018


Want to improve the quality of life in the City? Stop freaking honking. There is never any need to honk. Oh, shut up! I hear you saying idiotic things like, “What if you have to warn somebody…?” That literally never happens. There is never a toddler wandering into the street holding a kitten who will only be saved by you honking your horn and terrifying them back to the curb. The only way to save that kitten’s life is for you to stop and not hit them.

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