Weaken OCD Patterns

April 15, 2020

Breaking the thought patterns that lead to endless obsessive-compulsive behavior may be similar to breaking the habits of addiction.

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Expired Poetic License

February 4, 2014


Two Trains

There are two trains leaving the tracks

The Sane Train and the Insane Train

I keep buying tickets for the one, but board the other.

Then, I jump off that train – who knows where it’s going, but it’s sure to crash eventually.

I dash back to the station, proud of my decision to change trains.

Only to board the wrong train again.

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And Here is a Poem

May 17, 2013



I’m on the wrong side of the road

Oncoming Traffic

I gotta get back to the right side.

But I can’t, not yet.

And then, Bam!

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