August 26, 2017


I should have realized years before that I was an alien, but I was always in denial. Growing up in Southern Indiana in the 70s, I thought I didn’t fit in because I was the only Jewish kid. But it was more than how the others treated me; I didn’t like anything the other kids were into. All the other students would attend the assemblies to cheer on the football team. I’d slip into the band room office, stack plastic chairs onto a desk, push open a ceiling tile, pull myself up into the crawlspace, and sneak my way over the assembly hall to wait it out. I never got caught because no one ever noticed I was missing.

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I am a Four Leaf Clover: Haiku of Alienation and Futility

June 11, 2013


I am Spiderman

I am a four leaf clover

I am all alone

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… But I’m Not a Poet!

June 7, 2012

detail of “discontented el-terco”

I don’t know what it is about personal blogs – probably the total lack of editorial oversight – but even persons with no poetry credentials, such as myself, feel free to burden the world with whatever “poetry” pops into their heads. Please don’t hate me.

So here it is… a couple more Daisybrain poems! These have a definite rap or spoken word feel, so feel free to read them out loud, with rhythm.

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