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June 12, 2017

Angry Fruit By Fotokolaj On Deviantart

Author’s note: The headline of this post was created for dramatic effect, but to stay on the safe side, we should follow the following:

  • Appease the peas
  • Choke the artichokes

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My Specialty is Special Tea

May 1, 2010

Fun with Verbs and Nouns!

  1. I adore a door
  2. I abhor a bore
  3. I oppose a pose
  4. The ketchup will catch up
  5. The mustard must turd
  6. Here, I shall focus on a faux cus: A faux cus is a fake swear word, like, “diddlepoody”.
  7. I accrue a crew
  8. I attack a tack
  9. I can afford a Ford
  10. I acquire a choir
  11. My specialty is special tea

And now, for some left over word oddities:

Why do we write things down but type things up? Of course you can get written up if you’ve been a bad type at work. Read the rest of this entry »

Get Your Business Name Here

April 6, 2010

Whether it’s the cleverly morbid “Curl Up And Dye,” or the unappealingly wacky “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,” there seems to be an unwritten law that all hair salons in the United States have to have puns or other word plays for their names. What if all businesses operated with this requisite? I have provided some suggested names of businesses that want to follow the lead of hair salons*. Read the rest of this entry »

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