Word is a Funny

March 19, 2013

Blog posts need pictures. Here’s one:



Funny is a word, and by the Commutative Law, word is a funny. Here are some ways that word is a funny:

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April 20, 2012


Here’s an oxymoron: Conservative Think Tank.

Tired of the same, old expressions? Try these Daisybrain expressions!

  • Surprise: Flibber me jibblets!
  • What?: Flerp?
  • Term of endearment: Sheboygan (Call your special person, “My sweet little Sheboygan.”)
  • A cleaning frenzy:¬†Cleanstrosity

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Coincidence? I Think Knot!

May 3, 2010

I read an essay by Isaac Asimov many decades ago that strung together various coincidences to connect unrelated things. He noted that Einstein translates to “one stone,” and it was Einstein’s theory of relativity that did away with the notion that there was a yet undiscovered planet named Vulcan near the Sun. Since the Roman god Vulcan had been done in with a stone, it all seemed to have great intrinsic meaning that actually is only due to human perception. Another example is in the work of artist Bill Whorrall. He whimsically connects three entities: Frogs, electricity, and Elvis Presley, by uncovering various coincidences that are only evident to humans because we are constantly looking for patterns. I’m sure you can think of examples where people see connections that if viewed rationally do not stand up. The Secret is a prime example.

In the spirit of meaningless meaning then, I give you the following:

  • There’s a big trend to eliminate carbohydrates from our diets. I thought I would look into “carbohydrates”. The word carbohydrate comes from carbon and hydrate, which means to combine with water. Carbon plus water creates carbonic acid, or H2CO3. If you take out the 23 and put it aside, you have HCO, which stands for Hubbard Communications Office, a division of – you guessed it! – Scientology. According to this anti-Scientology website, it was on April 23 that a Scientologist threatened Read the rest of this entry »

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