Poems that will get me killed

August 19, 2016


What can I say? I like a dramatic blog post title now and then.

Personal updates:

  • I’ve decided to stop binge eating, beginning toorrow, so I have to finish off this loaf of “Four Cheese Medley Sweetbread” tonight.
  • I thought of with a new word today, “Huwomanity,”and am pondering how to use it… other than in this announcement.

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Darall’s Story

December 11, 2014

Darall stood alone in the crowd, listening to the political speech. The speech was sprinkled with words that he had heard before but whose meaning he couldn’t quite place his finger on. Words like “ineffable.”

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Why I Hate/Love Fall – Two Brief Essays

November 22, 2014

Writing workshops are fun. You should attend them, if you don’t already. The one I occasionally go to gives us a prompt to start writing and then drops in more prompts during our short allotted writing time. Here’s a bit of strangeness I wrote at my last Writers Workshop in White River Junction, Vermont. We were told to write two stories/essays based on the following prompts:

Story #1

First prompt: “The worst thing about this time of year is,” or “Why I hate early November.”

Second prompt: “brown leaves”

Third prompt: “a cat”

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Instant Story

November 16, 2014

I attended another Writers Workshop, and I’m sharing something that I wrote with the following prompts:

“No one will ever find out.”

“Tanning bed”

“A dog’s leash”

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The Water Puppies of Sìthachulish

September 9, 2014


“Aost places have magic, ‘n’ this is a sàr aost place.” The antiques merchant was staring at me intently across the counter when he said this. His sparkling green eyes, set deeply in the rough terrain of his crevassed face, reminded me of the Glittering Wood-moss dotting the hillside among the ancient Norse castle ruins behind his shop.

“Ok, well, can I put my flyer up for my missing dog?” I asked. I didn’t know if they called small posters flyers in the Scottish Highlands, so I held up the paper with Sid’s picture on it with the word “MISSING” scrawled across.

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Snippets – little storylets from Daisybrain

January 16, 2014


I Fart Words

For the last year, my farts have been speaking to me, and as you might expect, they are a bit crude.  Read the rest of this entry »

Water Puppies

September 5, 2013


This is a short story I wrote about the mysterious underwater dogs that I grew up with. This is an introduction to my adventures with them; later they would lead me to the horror of marauding bands of unicorns and the absurd yet insightful talking flowers in the underriver world.

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