Twitter my Feed, er, Feed my Twitter, er, My Twitter Feed

March 13, 2013


Admittedly, I haven’t been actively Twittering, or Tweeting, or whatever, for long, but I seem to have reached a ceiling of 24 followers. And today I lost one, so I’m down to 23. Perhaps my tweets are too impersonal and snobbishly, self-aggrandizingly wordy, whatever I mean by that. I tried adding popular hashtags, like #ScottProuty and momentarily trending phrases, like “Veronica Mars Kickstarter,” without having the slightest idea of who these people are or why anyone is tweeting about them.

Because I have deep respect for my Daisybrain blog readers, I have decided to share some of my tweets with you & let you be the judge of why I am a failure at Twitter. Many tweets are taken from the Daisybrain blog as part of my not-so-secret plan to attract people to this blog. So here is a sample:


Wordiferous Wanderings

September 21, 2012

The Daisybrain word generator brings you these much needed new words:

Ponderance, as in I pose this question for your ponderance….

Wordiferous, like vociferous, but can be silent & must involve many words….

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How (not) to Build a Treadmill Desk: 3rd Attempt

September 17, 2012

Greetings, Interwebians,*

To give you a break from my puns, edgy political satire & annoying word play, I am presenting a link to my latest video, “Disposable Treadmill Desk.” While my attempts at building the ultimate work/exercise space may seem doomed to failure, the fact is, that while I write these words, duct tape has been holding together my latest contraption for nearly a week. So there.

In any case, or at least in this case, this video features a cameo as well as camera work by future teen heart-throb Munny603. Check out his videos, too.

Disposable Treadmill Desk

*I made that up just now – like it?

This flower will take you somewhere:


September 4, 2012

A new video on Daisybrain’s Youtube channel

Here I am, on a roller coaster both metaphorical and actual, talking about life & how we perceive things differently depending on our age, our political orientation & whether we are human, dog or cat…


Some blogs are about poetry. Here’s a poem about blogging.

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