Seemingly Random Facts

March 4, 2014

nestlemonsterthumbnailFact #1: Au Bon Pain is owned by Nestle.

Fact #2: “Nestle in malls” rearranges to spell *Mental Illness*

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The Wisdom of the Internet

July 19, 2013


Everyone knows that if you want to learn something, you don’t go to a book or a community elder, you go to the internet. Here are some enlightening truths about our collective cultures from Google:

  • The phrase (with quotes) “the benefits not procrastinating” gets exactly zero hits on Google, while the phrase (with quotes) “the benefits procrasting” gets 4,700,000 in 0.33 seconds. Read the rest of this entry »

Things Not True Too!

March 22, 2012

Previously, I brought to the attention of readers several widespread urban legends that stubbornly refuse to disappear. These included origin stories for candy canes, picnics, Lifesavers candies, and fuck. Recently, I have noticed that the internet is reinforcing numerous falsehoods through blog posts wherein people copy & paste lists of amazing alleged facts. These fake facts may seem insignificant and harmless, but they still irritate me with their persistence.

Truth may not always be as fun as fiction, but I urge you to help spread this list far and wide in an effort to truthify the internet:

Paper can only be folded 7 times: Not True! Although it would be extremely difficult to fold standard writing paper more than 7 times, there is no physical attribute of paper that disallows more than 7 folds. Here is a Mythbusters video demonstrating this reality.

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It’s a Fact!

February 11, 2010

Here are some facts. This is the internet, so you may want to forward ones you like to various cyber friends. All facts herein are true. I know this because I read them in books. Books are things that we keep around for the time when the internet finally crashes & all electronically stored human data is lost. So here we go….

Fact #1: Ants have a larger brain to body ratio than humans. About 2% of our body weight is brain. About 6% of an ant’s body weight is brain. Read the rest of this entry »

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