Melatonin: Bustin’ the Myths

November 21, 2019

What Are You, a Doctor? 

No, I’m not a doctor. So, this won’t be medical advice. But, I am about to dispel some myths about melatonin.

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Watch Out Vegetarians!

October 13, 2019

The Essential Healthy Vegetarian’s Guide to Avoiding Accidental Meat

Here are some hidden non vegetarian ingredients in what you otherwise might assume are dead animal-free supplements and health foods.

  • Gelatin Caps. Thankfully, more and more supplement companies are switching to plant cellulose capsules and seaweed (carrageenan) softgels. But it pays to double check, especially since sometimes companies switch back and forth! Look on either the front, bottom of the container for the type of capsule, or on the back label, under “other ingredients.”

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