Things People Out There Need to Invent

November 22, 2012

Tribune/Nathan Orme – Kenny Method, a 14-year-old eighth grader at Clayton Middle School in Reno, jokingly demonstrates where this human brain would be located if it were still with its original owner and not in a plastic bag for research purposes.

  1. An abbreviation equivalent to the Latin e.g., that can be used after a phrase where you’d tack on “for example.” As it is, “e.g.” is limited to use before the example. For now, I’ll use the actual abbreviation of “for example,” f.e.
  2. Facebook app that filters swear words out of the status updates of, let’s face it, mainly teenagers, replacing them with either asterisks or other pre-chosen words; i.e. “SHE’S A PENGUIN POMEGRANATE!!!!!!!” “I’m so LEDERHOSEN bored!!” and “I HATE PROSTATE HOMEWORK!” Read the rest of this entry »

Useful Things That Don’t Yet Exist

July 30, 2012

  • Charcoal Activated Fart Filtering Underwear

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Suggestions for People Who Make Things

December 4, 2011

Daisybrain Presents:

Suggestions for People Who Make Things

Bathroom Sink & Faucet Makers:

Eliminate that annoyingly hard to clean gap between the back of the faucet and the wall behind the sink

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