Should-Be Words

November 13, 2013

cat word

Assuridy should be a word: “I can speak with a great deal of assuridy on the subject.”

Sneet is a combination of snow and sleet and describes that stuff that has properties of both and falls early in winter. “What is that – snow or sleet? Oh, it’s sneet.”

On slightly warmer days, we have Snain – half-way between snow and rain.

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What’s the Difference?

September 17, 2013

Welcome to another episode of…


Today: Disambiguating confusing words.

I have compiled a list of words that you may have heard from time to time, even used when feeling brave, but whose meanings are a bit obscure to most people. Well, it’s finally time to get a handle on these often misunderstood members of the lexicon.

1. Bemused vs. Amused

Bemused should not be confused with amused. In fact, you may be amused to hear that bemused means confused. Think of it as befuddled fused with confused. Are you sufficiently bemused yet?

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