Slow Down

January 9, 2013


Do you ever listen to yourself talking and wish you would just shut the hell up? I know you’ve thought that about someone who was talking to you. Have you ever been in a room full of people who are all trying to sound clever instead of listening to each other? I think that many of us substitute talking for thinking. What’s even worse is when we chatter on while simultaneously conversing over electronic devices.

We need to practice slowing down. Here are some exercises you can try to slow down and become more present in the moment:


Try slowing a conversation down to the pace of text messaging: Speak one or two sentences, and each person waits 30 seconds to respond to the other person. It can make conversing much more intentional and focused.

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Mollusks are Taking Over the World

November 2, 2010


Several days ago, I created a follow-up to my previous post, More Google Virgins!. Like the original post, it contained startling new revelations based on phrases that don’t appear in a Google search. The title of the post was, “Kraft Does Not Make Real Food.” This carefully researched statement was based on the fact that, according to Google, no one has ever posted the phrase, “Kraft makes real food” on line. Not even Kraft itself, one of the largest food manufacturers in the world, has ever claimed that its food is real.

I was about to add the finishing touch to my new post – a dire warning about the takeover of the Earth by mollusks (“Mollusks are not taking over the world,” doesn’t exist on line), when I discovered that my new post had mysteriously vanished. Now, some might say that I either never saved the draft of the post or that I was using a faulty computer that appeared to be clicking on “save draft” but was, in fact, doing nothing. I, however choose to believe that Kraft Foods has taken down my post. Come to think of it, they have probably taken down ALL anti-Kraft posts. You want evidence of this? None of the following phrases appear on line outside of this very post: Read the rest of this entry »

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