Curiouser and Curiouser….

October 23, 2013



You don’t find ugly color combinations in nature. I think that’s because our sense of beauty comes from the natural world. But why? Why do we find sunsets beautiful? It’s probably due to the bright colors. Why do we love bright colors? One explanation would be that we love bright colors in order to be attracted to ripe fruit. The sunset is just God’s way of reminding us to eat more fruit. Pollen collecting insects are also attracted to bright colors, so we share our sense of beauty with insects.

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October 9, 2011

Right now, the leaves are changing color where I live. Sometimes, when driving to or from work, I see striking images of beauty. Magenta, indigo and cadmium orange sunrises and sets, florescent yellow and crimson trees, bursts of water crashing and billowing off waterfalls, sharp mountains cutting into the sky, shrouded in swirls of mist. I feel a need to somehow capture or absorb these images. All I can think to do is to take deep breaths and imagine the beauty coming in to me.

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