September 4, 2012

A new video on Daisybrain’s Youtube channel

Here I am, on a roller coaster both metaphorical and actual, talking about life & how we perceive things differently depending on our age, our political orientation & whether we are human, dog or cat…


Some blogs are about poetry. Here’s a poem about blogging.

The Sun’s Not Setting… The Horizon is Moving Up

July 11, 2011

Something that intrigues and perplexes me, or, to save on words, something that perpligues me, is the fact that different people can have astoundingly different perceptions of the same phenomenon. Presidents are a prime example. To some, President Obama is a reasonable, competent, politically mainstream president who follows through on his promises and is an effective leader for the country. To others, he is the destroyer of our society, our Constitution, and our future. This is especially interesting because the same thing was true for President Bush. How can people who grow up in the same country have such opposite views of reality?

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