A Single, Short Poem About All of Us

September 3, 2015


Human beings:

Happy, decaying blobs of quickly putrefying rot

painfully isolated water droplets seeking and fearing merger

self-aware matter freaked out by the obvious


That’s today’s poem from Daisybrain. Click this daisy to see more Daisybrain:


My Breath

April 18, 2015

always there


regardless of my attention

from first giving life

until release of life

my dedicated guide

never giving up on me

I can follow and live with purpose

or just drift along

the calming presence

If I stay grounded but light

it always carries me in the right direction

connecting a lump of earth like me to the heavens

Some explorations of ego and consciousness, beneath this flower:


Reality Split

December 27, 2014

I am standing on a very sharp ridge overlooking reality and despair. I could fall either way. In any case, I am dead, and about to start a new life. My heart is pulling me to a new beginning of peace and love. Dark forces that I set free are pulling me to the other side. I think there is a split in the universe here. I think that both realities are barreling forward. I want to determine which stream I enter.

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We are Waves

July 24, 2014

We are, all of us, waves in the ocean

Made of the stuff around us

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Stew’s Last name is Pidd.

March 20, 2014

“What would he want, Woody?” asked Owen.

“He would want to call in Collin,” answered Woody.

“Would he, Woody? Would he, really, Woody? Would he?”

“When will you stop, Owen? Oh when, Owen?” pleaded Woody.

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I’m More Than a Name

March 8, 2014

I’m more than a name

This is more than a game

Let me explain:

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Bye Bye Polar

February 27, 2014

buh-bye bye bye

buh-bye bye bye

buh-bye buy buy polar fleece

It’ll keep you warm, all through the storm.

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Just another poem about the true nature of reality

February 20, 2014

All Numbers are One

I discovered today that contrary to common belief,

All snowflakes are completely identical.

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Colorful Haiku 4 U

June 25, 2013

A pink flamingo

Solitary in my yard

Watches over me

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And Here is a Poem

May 17, 2013



I’m on the wrong side of the road

Oncoming Traffic

I gotta get back to the right side.

But I can’t, not yet.

And then, Bam!

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