Three Poems. Not Two. Not Even Four, But Three.

October 21, 2016

Rotten Teeth

They give up their teeth

They give up their jobs

And their children

They defend their ego

“Take my teeth,” they say

He misses his 12 children

A new baby will grow up

With dad in an endless time out.


It’s the system, not their fault.

They got screwed. It’s unfair.

But this time it will be different.

This is the last time.

They gave away their rotten teeth.

The Eyes of God

When I see with love

Those are the eyes of God seeing through me

Living Bridge

I will melt into this poem

And emerge with the truth

A bridge from rock to God;

No longer shall I phase between the shadows

I shall build my home

of rock and spirit

And fill it with real things

And now a flower, in case you want to go there:


Question Poetry

August 27, 2016


The Question

Every poem is about What am I?

Every question is What am I?

The Universe demands to know what it is.

What am I? I am all of this and nothing

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Poems that will get me killed

August 19, 2016


What can I say? I like a dramatic blog post title now and then.

Personal updates:

  • I’ve decided to stop binge eating, beginning toorrow, so I have to finish off this loaf of “Four Cheese Medley Sweetbread” tonight.
  • I thought of with a new word today, “Huwomanity,”and am pondering how to use it… other than in this announcement.

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Negativity in Poetry

August 15, 2016

angry couple

I am Angry

I am so angry

I am angry at everything

I want to throw and smash things

All because of machines

and the incompetent people who service them


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Two Poems, not Three

January 17, 2015

Love and Fear

Love realizes that it is love.

Love sees that it is the entire universe.

Love breaks in two.

The two halves of love fall apart.

One half of love becomes fear.

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Poems of Entrapment

March 25, 2014

Here’s a song. Imagine singing it to music written in 10/4. Better yet, just read it:

I Keep Bumping Into Myself




into myself




into myself in the dark

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Expired Poetic License

February 4, 2014


Two Trains

There are two trains leaving the tracks

The Sane Train and the Insane Train

I keep buying tickets for the one, but board the other.

Then, I jump off that train – who knows where it’s going, but it’s sure to crash eventually.

I dash back to the station, proud of my decision to change trains.

Only to board the wrong train again.

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