Words Don’t Lie! Romney and Obama Revealed!

November 4, 2012

Hi Citizens,

Before those of you who are eligible cast your indirect vote for US President (I hope all of you have come to know your state electors well, since your vote just technically authorizes them to vote on your behalf) it’s important to really know the candidates. Yes, you can look at position papers, voting history and party platforms, but it’s much more revealing (and fun) to see what their very names tell us.

Let’s start with President Obama:

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What if We Hired People for Other Jobs the Way We Hire Politicians?

October 19, 2012

A Police Officer:

“You should hire me because that other gal that interviewed hangs out with known crooks.”

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How the Internet will Doom Mitt Romney

February 14, 2012

Perhaps George Bush just scraped by. I remember when webmasters collectively worked to have the phrase, “miserable failure” direct people to the Bush White House site. Bush still managed to get Republican secretaries of state to declare him re-elected. But at this point in our internetcentric culture, you simply can’t become President of the United States if your name is Santorum and the #1 Google result for Santorum is, well, this.

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