One Tweet Memoirs

November 23, 2018


I have a Twitter account. OK, yes, but I have another Twitter account, called One Tweet Memoirs #1tweetmemoir. Nobody except a very small number of exceptional human beings follows it. So, I thought I’d bring it to Daisybrain! Here are some choice tweets from Eric Gordon’s* One Tweet Memoirs:

  • It turned out I had a second heart to give away. A memoir in one tweet.
  • I thought for sure I could survive on chocolate and peanut butter alone. A memoir in one tweet.

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March 1, 2014


The reason I have holes in the right armpits of most of my t-shirts is that I take my shirts off the wrong way. I don’t remember anyone ever teaching me otherwise. I resist changing the way I remove my shirts because I feel like it’s something that makes me me. My habits distinguish me from other people. Without them, who am I?

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Flashback: a 100 word Story

May 2, 2012


200 feet seems a short distance to fall to one’s death. As time slows down, flickering, blue images fill my vision:

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