Names for Annoying College A cappella Bands

October 29, 2019

karaoke fun

Time to get back to my roots here at Daisybrain. Here’s a blog consisting entirely of bad puns.

Bad names for annoying college a cappella bands:

  • The Note-Takers
  • The Vocal Chords

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The Wisdom of the Internet

July 19, 2013


Everyone knows that if you want to learn something, you don’t go to a book or a community elder, you go to the internet. Here are some enlightening truths about our collective cultures from Google:

  • The phrase (with quotes) “the benefits not procrastinating” gets exactly zero hits on Google, while the phrase (with quotes) “the benefits procrasting” gets 4,700,000 in 0.33 seconds. Read the rest of this entry »

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