Neo-Definitions… just because

May 21, 2020


Tired of words and their stuffy old meanings? Now you can use the same words… differently! (Plus I threw a few made up words in there.)

Request: When you go on a quest… again

Pandemic: Too many pans

Transmute: A transgender person with laryngitis

Essential Workers: People forced to work and die to make more money for the elite rulers of the Greedocracy

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Desperately Important New Words and Thoughts from Daisybrain

July 8, 2015

Unlike some new word sites, you do not have to pay me a royalty every time you use these words. But a tip would be nice.

Flossophy – the philosophy of dental care

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New Words for Old

May 27, 2014

Slight misspellings can create a new world of words. It’s like the genetic mutations that make evolution possible. So, here’s to the evolution of the language:

  • Independance: A solo dance
  • Burgerlar: A hamburger thief

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Here are Some Further Assaults on the English Language

February 8, 2013

Copyright 2013 by Daisybrain Media

Here are some Redefinitions:

A rest stop: When the police pull you over to arrest you

Ironic: Having qualities of iron. Example: “Iron Man is ironic.”

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Word is the Bird: A Guide to English

January 12, 2013


I know English can be confusing. That’s why I am providing this helpful* guide.

Buried – the past tense of berry (also spelled berried)

Relate – to be late again

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Latest Releases from the Department of New Definitions

September 29, 2010
  1. Retire: Replacing worn tires
  2. Accidental: Mistake made by a dentist
  3. Dishonest: An innovative way to stack dishes (pronounced “dish-o-nest”)
  4. Prompromiscuity: Promiscuity at the prom
  5. Promising: A group singalong at the prom
  6. Promissing: A lost prom
  7. Category: Describes a gory movie about zombie cats
  8. Forgetting: In favor of getting something (“I’m all forgetting cheeseburgers!”)
  9. Bandaid: from Danté: “A bandaid all hope ye who enter here with a boo-boo.”
  10. Explain: Formerly plain… now fancy!

And here, now, are some Wordiferous Wanderings….

Two Random Acts of Language Cruelty

March 23, 2010
Now for a few definitions:
  • Dogmatic: An automatic response from a dog, such as wagging the tail when you say, “treat”.
  • Catalog: The cat’s favorite scratching post.
  • Caravan: A car dressed up to look like a van.
  • Example: Formerly ample, now not enough.
  • Fungus: Uncle Gus… he is so much fun.
  • Carbon: “good car” in French. Odd, since cars produce carbon and carbon is so bad for the environment. Somebody should tell the French.
and here is a poem…

He drinks chai tea at Tai Chi

The clever lad is leather clad

Wearing steel, he grabs the steering wheel

And at a fierce pace, with a pierced face

He drives his llama, alive with drama

Click for more fun with the word tea:


My New List of Silly Definitions

February 2, 2010


Take this, humanity:

Exit: Something that formerly was it, is now an ex-it.

Pandemic: A widespread disease affecting pandas.

Category: A gory horror movie about cats.

Penalize: To turn something into a penis.

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