Iiiiiiiiiiiit’s Poetry Time!

April 23, 2017



I used to think that you were my home

Without you where would I be?

Not home

Not home

Not home

Not home

Not home

But now I know that I can be home with me

I’m home

I’m home

I’m home

I’m home

I’m home





Millions of


Life & Death

What shall I do, while I slowly wait to die?

Make a time-lapse movie of my withering decrepitude?

Tell a thousand jokes on Twitter that people will scroll past in their own journey toward death?

In trying to create meaning out of no meaning

We come up with some really strange, elaborate and often internally inconsistent ideas

All of which are designed to distract us from the mirror.

It’s more poetry:


Stand Up and Be Discounted (is the name of this blog post)

October 24, 2016

Just like the @ sign for “at,” there should be signs for “before” and “after,” something like this: and

new-note-3 andnew-note-2

Here is some Trump Haiku:


This Haiku is rigged

It is against Donald Trump

It is so unfair

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