New Technology Words

  1. p-mail: When I take my dog out in the morning, he sniffs from tree to tree to check his p-mail.
  2. iPatch: The duct tape you use to patch up your cracked iPod case
  3. Outernet: our ever-diminishing life outside the world wide web
  4. X-Ray-J image: a picture of a rejected contestant from “For the Love of Ray-J”
  5. Full Body Scam: a security procedure designed to prevent terrorists with body image issues from boarding a plane. Unintended benefit: Many people will work hard to lose weight before they fly.
  6. Wedsite: a site where people get married online
  7. Scat Scan: A medical procedure in which feces are scanned to see if you swallowed your keys
  8. Internyet: when the Russian government censors the internet
  9. Socialist networking sites: examples are OurSpace, Comradster, Facecollective, Twitnik, Twittenista, Twitrosky, and Bolshitter (Bolshevik + Twitter)
  10. Hardwhere?: missing thumb drive
  11. WWW = World Wide Waste: after the inevitable crash of the world wide web and subsequent loss of all human knowledge

Tomorrow’s technology, today! Under this flower:


5 Responses to New Technology Words

  1. Cold Sake says:


    I’m STILL laughing.


    Have bookmarked you. I like it around here, so consider me your latest stalker 🙂


  2. Robin says:

    That was so good I had to tweet the link.


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