Sabina is Gone

Lilly knew she would have to go after her friend Sabina in the cave. The rocks under Lilly’s bare feet were sharp. Igneous rocks, thought Lilly, realizing that she had actually learned something in science this year. She walked gingerly toward the large, shadowy entrance, trying not to cut her feet. Why hadn’t Sabina stayed out of the cave? Lilly distinctly told her to stay away, that the creatures were after her, not Sabina. Lilly thought about how Sabina was constantly combing her long, blond hair, and how it was probably a tangled mess now with Sabina lost in a frightening, dark cave.

Lilly peered into the cavernous dark tunnel. She wanted to call out Sabina’s name, but she was afraid that it would attract the creatures. She would just have to walk in and feel her way around. What happened next was very fast. With a loud shushing sound, Lilly was pushed back by a wall of cold air. Suddenly she was 30 or 40 feet from the cave entrance, standing in a long ditch. In front of her was a cauldron, filled with a motley golden liquid. Next to the cauldron stood the manifestation of Lilly’s fear, Emicka.

Emicka, standing twice as tall as Lilly, held an empty goblet in her left hand. With a self-satisfied smirk, Emicka informed Lilly, “We have your friend. She drank from the goblet…. She’s one of us.” Lilly heard giddy laughter and noticed that Monica, the other creature, had been standing a few feet to the side. She didn’t see Sabina anywhere.

Emicka scooped the yellow liquid, filling the goblet, and held it out to Lilly. “You’re very special, Lilly. We have been searching for you for a long time.” Lilly took the goblet in her hand. She looked down at the swirly, yellow liquid. “Drink it,” urged Emicka. “It’s from your own blood.”

Lilly took the goblet to her lips. She noticed drops of her tears splashing into the liquid. “What will happen to me?”

“”You’ll be one of us, but more powerful,” said Emicka.

“I don’t want to hurt people,” said Lilly.

“Then don’t drink it.”

Lilly let the goblet drop to the ground. She looked up to see the cauldron spilling its contents on the ground. In an instant, Emicka and Monica were gone, and Lilly woke up.

Lilly turned in her bed to see the pre-dawn haze outside her window. “I have a choice to make,” she thought.

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