Reality Split

I am standing on a very sharp ridge overlooking reality and despair. I could fall either way. In any case, I am dead, and about to start a new life. My heart is pulling me to a new beginning of peace and love. Dark forces that I set free are pulling me to the other side. I think there is a split in the universe here. I think that both realities are barreling forward. I want to determine which stream I enter.

Did you know that in ancient times, yogic scholars discovered at least 72,000 channels of energy in the human body? How can we go through life unaware of any of this? My level of self-awareness is just slightly above that of a cockroach. I am, of course, making a huge, probably unfounded, assumption about cockroaches.

I don’t know anybody, really. I make superficial connections. I am comfortable in the same room as people I supposedly know. But how can I really know someone if I don’t really know myself? I thought I did – For a long time, I thought I knew myself pretty well. But I just knew bits and pieces of the illusion. Now, I see the split in reality looming ahead of me. I hope to discover myself somewhere downstream.

Poetry, of the strange and depressing sort:


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