Here are Some Funny Words

I would like to draw your attention to the following strange words:

Phlegmatic: It refers to a quality of unemotional calmness, not to an automatic phlegm dispensary machine.

Trainee: A person being trained in some behavior or task, not a term of endearment for a locomotive.

Boogyman: A make believe evil entity evoked to scare children, not a man with a excess of nose mucus.

Vagile: It’s the ability of a species to move about or disperse itself, not an agile vagina.

Penal: Things that relate to punishment, not things that relate to penises.

Fartlek: This is a training system for distance runners, regardless of the fact that it is pronounced “fart lick.”

Farthing: An old British coin, not to be read as “fart thing.”

Bladdernose: This is an unfortunate name we have given a type of seal. Please don’t anybody tell the bladdernose seals that we call them this.

Pollinose: This is a word that describes a yellow, powdery covering of some insects, not a word that describes an enormous nose piecing, or a “pole in nose.”

Ulignose: This describes something living in mud, not to be confused with “uglinose,” which may describe a person suffering from “pole in nose.”

Rebuttal: A legal refute of an opposing argument, not a surgical procedure to reattach a person’s butt.

Sheboygan: Sheboygan, Wisconsin is an inherently funny name for a town, not because of the strangeness of the “sheboy” part of the word, as Sheboygan is pronounced with a short (or soft, as I like to call it) “e” (shə-boi’gən). It’s just funny. Everyone in Sheboygan should be a comedian.

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13 Responses to Here are Some Funny Words

  1. ilene says:

    while i have partiicular appeciation for vagile and Sheboygan, it was trainee that caused me to laugh so hard I spit my sip of fizzy water onto the computer.


  2. Jeffersonic. (DSK) says:

    Frolicking: to run about and play happily. Do not confuse this with licking someone’s hair-do. It can upset them.


  3. Jeffersonic. (DSK) says:

    Pollinose? Are you telling me that wasn’t Terry Hornsby’s nickname?


  4. Jeffersonic. (DSK) says:

    I was once being interviewed for an elevator mechanic apprenticeship by a couple of union stewards, and one of them told me he was from Astatula. (FL). I told him I always thought Astatula sounded like a sneeze. His companion laughed heartily and so did I. He did not. I believe it was this and the admission that I drove a Toyota when they asked me what brand of truck I drove, that kept me from the job.


  5. mike says:

    boogyman = bogeyman = bog man = celtic human sacrifice preserved in anaerobic conditions for centuries.


    • EricIndiana says:

      For years, I’ve had this idea for a B-Movie called The Bog People. They would be really flat from their centuries being compressed in the bogs – they could slip under doors. It’d be a lot easier now to make it with computer animation. If one of you Hollywood types is reading this, just let me know & I’ll send the script for a modest fee and a role as the crotchety old police chief who doesn’t believe the teenagers that the bog people have come back to life!


  6. Jeffersonic. (DSK) says:

    Hey Eric, run with that. If you want to sell it faster, make them teenage vampire flat bog people.


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