Word Playtocracy

A small change in spelling can create a brand new homophone…

Bicycle becomes Bicicle: Two icicles

Window becomes Windough: The goal of lottery players

Anteater becomes Aunteater: Yikes!

Because becomes Beecause: An issue that bees care deeply about

Defeat becomes Defeet: The act of removing one’s feet

Guilty becomes Gilty: Rich!

Fridays becomes Frydaze: The mental condition one is put in from eating too much fried food

Alligator becomes Alligeightor: The dreaded eight-legged Alligator

Lipbalm becomes Lipbomb: A new terrorist weapon

Santa Clause becomes Santa Claws: The evil Santa Clause

Aspen, Colorado becomes Asspin, Colorado: I… don’t know what that means.


And now, a strange poem:

The second guest was second guessed for getting the forgetting.

He put information in formation and would be heading the beheading.

For more homophonic humor click on the magic daisy:

2 Responses to Word Playtocracy

  1. Diane McAffee says:

    My daughter and I love word plays. Here is one we came up with.
    A row with Rose arose ‘mid rows of Roses’ rose roses.


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