Gram Ana

Many of you have not asked for another post of anagrams, so I bring you… Gram Ana 2

  • New MSNBC star Chris Hayes is “A Shy Cashier.” Kind of seems like one. His name also rearranges to spell, “Hey Rich Ass,” as well as, “He is Car Shy.” Sorry, it just does.


  • Celebrity Libertarian and all-round right wing political darling Rand Paul’s name can be rearranged to spell Lunar Pad. It was the tragically forgetable Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney who famously proposed wasting, er, spending money to create a moon base. Perhaps there’s a Republican moon conspiracy afoot? Incontrovertible evidence of the fact abounds: Sun Yung Moon, the right-wing leader of the Moonies cult, was a huge supporter of beleaguered Republican President Richard Nixon. The Moonies own the Republican propagandist rag the Washington Times, and former Republican alleged president George Bush and his wife Barbara spoke at a huge Moonie fund-raising event in Tokyo, in 1995. Finally, the Republican party is now run by Tea Party lunatics – get it? luna-tics? ‘Nuff said.
  • I am clearly too obsessed with my boobs – whenever I’m looking for “My brain,” I can always find it, “In my bra.”
  • Wait – I don’t have a bra. No wonder I don’t have boobs. I need to find “my penis” instead, and guess what? It’s in “Men I spy,” so I must be a gay voyeur. But just to be sure, I will look for my “libido”… there it is, in “I, old bi.” Oh, that explains a lot.
  • Finally, the “Meaning of life” is an “Offline enigma.” So true.

More anagrams and fewer other stuff here:


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