Before I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed….

I have finally given in to the dental industry and agreed to let them remove my wisdom teeth. I thought I’d better record any wisdom here beforeI lose it all with my teeth.

  • This body isn’t mine. I’m borrowing it from the Earth.


  • Love, joy, beauty and peace are real; everything else is an illusion.
  • Take a walk in nature and gaze out upon the spectacular beauty. You are not separate from that beauty; you are a part of it.
  • Everyplace that God exists is sacred. God is everywhere. Therefore, everywhere is sacred.
  • Dogs are always right, about everything, even eating cat poop.

Well that’s it. I thought I had more wisdom, but I think some of it fell out of my mouth during a recent root canal. Here are some other thoughts that I have dumped out of my head and now give freely to you:

  1. I am struck by the similarity of the words “medication” and “meditation”. Meditation is medication with tea; leave out the “t” and you have “mediation,”* which can also be great medication.
  2. Just as a single cell in your body contains all of the genetic information to rebuild you, a tree, a person, even an atom contains all of the information to rebuild the universe. OK, this is just conjecture, but I think it’s possible that there are subatomic particles that had the entire code of the universe imprinted on them in the Big Bang. And because I think it, it is true.
  3. N’ice tea – an iced tea brand name suggestion
  4. My stepson has taken to calling the gasoline tank opening in cars “gassholes”. Try it – it makes for some strange conversation.

*Thanks to Jenny Beasely for that one.

When you click this flower, it will take you to some thoughts that a previous version of my brain thought of:


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