Poems from a Winter Landscape

Mountain Mist

Soft Spires of mist stand on the water

Slowly swirl through the swamp

Cloyingly cling to bark and branches

Tired trees expel the mist up and out like released spirits

Heaped on to hills, the lost souls wander up

Caressingly cling to the mountaintops

Until union dissolves the mountains and becomes sky

Snow on Trees

As if the trees weren’t complex and stunning enough,

Snow outlines their branches, heightening contrast

Advertising their magnificence

Don’t forget us, they say

We’ll be back again in the spring with a new show

Each season’s episodes improve on the last

Man, I love trees

Man, I love trees

This isn’t a poem so much as a declaration that I really love trees.

Trees are easy to love in the fall

And it’s quite respectable to appreciate them in the Spring and summer

But in the winter, I love their stark twisted beauty –

Bare, intricate, branches rooting into the sky

You may not care that I love trees, and I understand that

But I hope you take some time to look upon me with love when I am a tree



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