Pros and cons of all the Democratic Presidential Candidates 

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Marianne Williamson 

Pros: Inspirational, informed, closer to enlightenment than the rest of us.

Cons: We don’t need another cult leader as a president. Also, she’s a bit of a war monger. Yes, that’s what I said. She wants a Dept. of Peace but believes we should have invaded several countries that we didn’t. This includes Syria, which she thinks we should have bombed for semantic reasons (President Obama said the words ‘red line’). She also talks about how to manipulate the public into supporting wars she likes (show them pics of children dying, etc.). 

Pete Buttigieg 

Pro: Probably the smartest person ever to run for president (an actual ‘stable genius’ haha)

Con: Believes that incarcerated people should be stripped of their right to vote, a bizarrely Ill-informed position for the smartest candidate in history. 

Joe Biden

Pros: A really great guy & best buds with Obama. More progressive than the public gives him credit for (publicly in favor of marriage equality before Obama).

Cons: In the history of his 20 or so attempts to run for president, only about 14 people have ever voted for him. Reputed to be a foreign policy genius but has some pretty moronic ideas, like dividing Iraq up by ethnicity. Voted to invade Iraq even though the entire world knew it was wrong. How a person acts in the future is generally predicted by how they’ve acted in the past. 

Kamala Harris

Pro: She was so great in the Bill Barr hearing on Capital Hill that she made us all want her to run for President.

Con: Although she’s done a decent job of explaining away some of her troubling record as a prosecutor, saying that she hadn’t anticipated how her efforts would be enforced in different districts, it’s still a troubling record, including incarcerating the low-income parents of habitually truant students.

Cory Booker

Pros: He was basically a super hero as Mayor of Newark – rescuing disabled puppies from Nazis, or something like that (I don’t have time to look up the details). He’s taken a leading role in the Senate on important issues like criminal justice reform.

Con: He’s a bit too much into the rhetoric of working with Republicans, like they will suddenly become reasonable and un-obstructionist when the second Black president is elected.

Elizabeth Warren

Pros: Contrary to media portrayal, she is not an incrementalist – her policies are progressive and detailed, things like family leave, minimum wage, workers on corporate boards…. She’s the only candidate to substantially move beyond slogans to present actual plans.

Cons: She sometimes speaks in tired, old political clichés, sounding like every Democratic candidate who’s given a speech in the past 50 years. And, of course, the pretending to be Native American thing.

Bernie Sanders

Pros: Consistent, lifelong principles and advocacy. Authentic; refuses to comb his hair.

Cons: His rhetoric tends toward the superficial, with oft-repeated catch phrases, like “political revolution,” “millionaires and billionaires,” “the 1%” etc., without presenting compelling underlying arguments.

Mike Gravel

Pros: His positions are unambiguously the most progressive of the candidates. He’s really into peace and freedom.

Con: He appears to be insane.

Amy Klobuchar

Pros: Excels at getting legislation passed.

Cons: Apparently oppressive toward her staff. She seems to be onboard with the CIA torturing people. She was instrumental in allowing schools to count pizza sauce as a “vegetable,’ in order to protect the frozen pizza industry. She has a mixed record on military interventionism.

Beto O’Rourke

Pros: Humanizes immigration. Seems pretty pro-peace on foreign policy.

Con: His Vanity Fair cover piece revealed him to be somewhat of a doofus. 

Julián Castro

Pros: Enlightened positions on immigration.Wants to make the first two years of higher education free.

Con: Only wants the first two years of higher education to be free.

Andrew Yang

Pro: His candidacy centers around a proposal for a guaranteed minimum income for all. This is a variation of an idea proposed by people as diverse as MLK and Nixon. It’s been field tested in other countries and it absolutely works to spur entrepreneurship and lift people out of poverty.

Con: He doesn’t want to abolish the electoral college.

Dennis Kucinich

Pros: He has the best politics, the best arguments for his politics. He came up with the Dept. of Peace. All of the progressive positions that are now mainstreamed by the Democrats running for President were things he advocated and was ridiculed for in 2004 and 2008.

Con: He’s not running for President. 

Tulsi Gabbard

Pros: She’s anti-interventionist, opposing regime-change wars. And as a combat vet, she actually knows war. She apologized and did an about-face on LGBTQ rights and is now an ally.

Cons: She has a virulently anti-gay history, fighting to stop same-sex unions in Hawaii and working with an anti-gay rights PAC that supported conversion therapy. While she supports immigration from India and China, she voted with Republicans for “extreme vetting” of Syrians and Iraqi refugees.

Michael Bennet

Pro: Co-sponsored the DREAM Act.

Cons: Supported the Keystone XL Pipeline. Voted against stopping U.S. involvement in the war in Yemen. His positions posted on his website are vague platitudes without many specifics.

Steve Bullock

Pros: Strongly pro-choice while the governor of a Republican state. Refused to deploy Montana National guard to the Mexican boarder. Supports DACA and hold progressive positions on immigration and LGBTQIA+ rights.

Cons: Supports the coal industry. It’s extremely hard to find any mention of his views, if any, on foreign policy.

Bill Deblasio

Pro: I know someone who knew him back when he was a Central American peace activist.

Con: Doesn’t appear to hold any political positions outside of New York City policies.

Tim Ryan

Pros: He’s not Paul Ryan. He wrote a book on mindfulness. He reversed his regressive  positions on guns & abortion. His positions, though not mentioned on his website, are all in line with the moderate to progressive trend of the Democratic Party.

Cons: He used to have an A rating from the NRA and he used to be opposed to women’s reproductive freedom. He only reversed course in the last couple of years. The explanation for why he’s running, posted on his official campaign page, looks like it was cut and pasted from the web pages of candidates for student council president. But guess what – and this will shock and amaze you – he comes from a humble working class background and has traveled this great country meeting real Americans and discovering that all they want is for him to heal our nation.

Kirsten Gillibrand

Pros: Suddenly became a liberal last year. Fought against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Long-time supporter of government ethics, transparency and campaign finance reform.

Cons: Dartmouth grad & Bluedog Democrat pretty much sums it up: Opposed driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, voted to withhold funds for sanctuary cities. Until 2008, had an A rating from the domestic terrorist group the NRA. Until she decided to run for President, she was basically a moderate Republican. Destroyed Al Franken’s career yet refused to fire her male staffer who faced multiple sexual harassment complaints.

Other: Apparently good at beer pong and according to her online ads, this is why you should donate to her campaign.

John Delaney

Pros: Has an endearingly goofy smile. Supports “common sense” gun reform. Supports paid family leave, reproductive rights, equal pay & LGBTQ rights.

Cons: Opposes the Green New Deal; proposes milder steps that would allow for the quick death of the planet. He is opposed to Castro’s suggestion of decriminalizing undocumented border crossings. He proposes a hybrid healthcare plan, in opposition to bolder plans like Medicare for All. Promotes himself as a practical problem-solver, i.e. a moderate who can work with Republicans on common-sense solutions; this is, of course,  delusional.

So many candidates…. I have to take a break! I’ll be back to add the others, if they don’t drop out by then. 

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  1. shawn says:

    Tulsi Gabbard?


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