Annoyed and Enlightened


That’s a little cartoon I call, “People, shut the fuck up for a minute!” I mean, it’s hard to think of any other animal that just constantly jabbers: talk, talk, talk. Give it a rest! The other animals on the planet have told me that they are annoyed, so quiet the fuck down. The trees, too… they can’t take it anymore. The greatest thing about the original Planet of the Apes movies was that humans had lost the ability to speak. Thank fucking God.

I walked around in a labyrinth and came up with this poem:

I create my life’s story

I live my life’s story

I create stories with my life.

I am both in the center of my labyrinth

And on the path of my labyrinth

I don’t have to wait around for anything to happen

I am happening


Goodby, Human People; Enjoy your Hole

(another poem)

I’m not sure the trees and clouds and mountain know how beautiful they are

So I witness their beauty and report back to them

“You are beautiful today!”

I think they appreciate my observations

Somebody’s gotta do it

The geese are too in it to take the time to notice

Same for the people – They’re too busy talking

If a big hole opened up in the sidewalk

Every single person would walk right to the edge and fall in

I’d be the only person left

Because  I was paying attention to how beautiful the ants were

And I’d see the City empty itself of all its millions of people, one by one

In that hole

And I’d say, “You are beautiful today!”

hole drawing.jpg

And now this:


7 Responses to Annoyed and Enlightened

  1. Karl says:

    Hey. I am wondering if you were in, or knew, the band Walking Ruins? I’m sorry for dropping in on your blog. It was the only way I could find in messaging….


    • EricIndiana says:

      My friends were in the Walking Ruins. What would you like to know?


      • Karl says:

        I remember, was it early 90’s? Having their demo and really liking it. I’ve started a label with the aim of doing some one off projects. Both new and unearthing some lost treasures. And I’m wondering about Walking Ruins? I can’t see any “proper” releases and I’m thinking. Is this a treasure wanting to be unearthed?


        • EricIndiana says:

          Well, they put out cassettes and a vinyl e.p. and finally a CD called Fall of the House of Ruin. It was self-released. But ya, they never got the recognition they deserved – they had a lot of really great songs and put on super energetic shows. Perhaps you’ve seen some of the videos of them I’ve posted to YouTube? I guess their height of “fame” came when they made the cover of Maximum Rock and Roll. Anyway, I can ask them if they’d be interested in having you release any of their songs.


          • Karl says:

            Yes I found the videos, that’s how I tracked down the contact. Thanks for the info. I can see there’s some copies of the CD floating around and the albums up on I Tunes etc. Strange that none of that came up on my searches. I probably didn’t trawl enough. I’m going to grab a copy. Have a chat with them, one of my other thoughts was to do a comp of of American punk that missed the radar … It’s been great chatting and love the blog page. It’s an area I’ve not entered before. Cheers Karl


  2. EricIndiana says:

    Well, let me know if you have an email you’d like me to give the Ruins. There was so much amazing music in Indiana in the 80s and 90s – The Gizmos, the Walking Ruins, the Rosebloods… just tons of local bands that each had at least a couple of amazing songs. I used to fantasize about putting them out, too. But I’ll be visiting Bloomington (hometown of the Walking Ruins) this month, so I’ll pass along your thoughts.


    • karl says:

      Hey yes my email It would be great if we did something so yes pass on my thoughts. I downloaded the album. I love it.. it’s so easy for great stuff to pass you by. Anyway, I think the Walking Ruins would be brilliant as a vinyl but it’s hard financially without the digital side of things. But maybe something can be sorted… You have a nice trip back to your old stomping ground!!! Karl


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