Vitally Important Poems

bear in underwear

It is Rare for a Bear to Wear Underwear

Where underwear?

   There underwear.

In hair?

   No, no no! Underwear there! Under bear.

You scare bear, get underwear?

   No, you scare bear!

You don’t care about underwear!

   I care, I swear!

Use chair to scare bear in its lair if you dare.

   Wait here. I scare bear.

Did you scare bear? Where is underwear?

   Bear was not there.

It is rare for a bear not to be in its lair.

   It is also rare for a bear to wear underwear.

Huh! I see bear there on stair!   

   I know this bear, I swear!

It’s just some bare bear with underwear.

   It is bear named Pierre I saw at the fair.

Don’t stare at bear, and don’t tear underwear. Just use prayer to prepare then impair bear with chair.

   To be fair, I shall give bear chair and it will give me underwear.

Just kick the bear in its rear.

   You wait here.

Wait, I have spare underwear!

Are you there?

Oh dear.


Play Day!

Today is a day to play

Play that you’re getting fair pay

Play that pollution will just go away

Did I say play? I meant pray

Pray politicians stop making munitions

And stop spouting lies to sow more divisions

Did I say Pray? I meant pay

Pay for solutions to old institutions

That have brought us such death and decay

punk low rez2

Punk Rock

I like punk rock

Not junk talk

I like a good beat

To get out of my seat

I commune with a tune

Dance like a buffoon

Don’t care what you think

Don’t care what you drink

I use my own tools

I make my own rules

I wanna connect

But then I reject

Nothing is right

Turn day into night

It’s boring as hell

I tear out of my shell

Then I remain

My own kind of insane

I’m just a punk

Who doesn’t wanna be drunk

Scream in my head

It’s no fun being dead

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