Question Poetry


The Question

Every poem is about What am I?

Every question is What am I?

The Universe demands to know what it is.

What am I? I am all of this and nothing

All That’s Real

Everything comes and goes

All that’s left is all that’s real

And all that’s real is nothing

An Inventory of How I’ve Spent my Time

I have spent 1/6 of my life avoiding going to bed when I should be sleeping

1/8 of my life avoiding getting out of bed when I should be up doing things

1/100 of my life driving around looking for really good desserts

1/125 of my life tweeting to no one in particular

1/500 of my life driving to and from work

1/8 of my life at work in jobs I didn’t believe I was qualified for

and 1/720 of my life searching, in vain, for organic dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts

1/5 of my life has been spent sleeping

1/36 of my life eating

and 1/10 recreationally and passively staring at screens

That adds up to about 8/10 of my life.

That leaves about 10 years on Earth, out of 53, that I have been free to make love, draw pictures, do school, film movies, write stories, play music, hang out with friends, go for walks, dance and write this list.

I am 10 years old.

To see my past prediction of future news, this daisy awaits your click:


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