Wordiferous Wanderings

The Daisybrain word generator brings you these much needed new words:

Ponderance, as in I pose this question for your ponderance….

Wordiferous, like vociferous, but can be silent & must involve many words….

Particularity, a specific, unique idea or thing….

Farticulate, to emphasize a spoken point with a fart….

Chocollate (from chocolate + collate), to organize your chocolates…. (as distinct from chocolatte, a delicious coffee drink)

Napocalypse, a disastrous nap that leads you more tired than before….

Tempermanent, as in an allegedly temporary plastic sheeting fix to a broken car window that becomes permanent….

Factfarter*, as in a person who wordiferously touts his or her alleged expertise and just won’t shut up….

and here is a poem…

It looks like Haiku

Five and seven syllables

But there’s no content

a little about word order…

Word order in movie titles is important! Just consider what happens if the very smallest of typos rearranges the words:

Men in Black becomes a niche audience gay porn flick called In Black Men

Saving Private Ryan becomes Saving Ryan’s Privates. I guess I should work for the porn industry.

Forrest Gump becomes Gump Forrest, about an enchanted land inhabited by charming, irrascible “gumps”.

Toy Story 3 becomes 3 Story Toy, a horrifying thriller about a giant, monster toy terrorizing Townsville.

No Country for Old Men becomes No Men for Old Country, a tale of the 1898 mass emigration of Russian women in search of husbands, directed by Barry Levinson.

The Grapes of Wrath becomes the Wrath of Grapes, the fruity sequel Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Dog Day Afternoon becomes Afternoon Day Dog, a much less intense film, about a star-crossed couple who have a time-share dog; one has him at night, the other at day. Imagine the romantic comedy that ensues.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo becomes the Pixar hit, The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.

*That one thanks to Mike Whybark

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