Two Poems, not Three

Love and Fear

Love realizes that it is love.

Love sees that it is the entire universe.

Love breaks in two.

The two halves of love fall apart.

One half of love becomes fear.

Fear threatens to destroy love, although unintentionally.

Fear can’t find love in the dark.

Love is too busy being love to know how to fix fear.

Love tries to understand how it can also be fear.

Love and fear drift further apart, wishing they were reunited.

Love calls out to fear.

But fear doesn’t know love’s language.

Now I’m in Blue

I put on a red shirt one day

And now, even though I’m wearing blue, you see me in red.

I already took off the red, I protest.

But you think the blue is just a lie

You think I was always wearing red and that I still am.

And now, an essay on God & the universe:





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