Names for Annoying College A cappella Bands

karaoke fun

Time to get back to my roots here at Daisybrain. Here’s a blog consisting entirely of bad puns.

Bad names for annoying college a cappella bands:

  • The Note-Takers
  • The Vocal Chords

  • The Warblers
  • Alexa Sing!
  • Har Money
  • Mellow Deep
  • Calc You Later, Dude
  • The Car Tunes
  • In Toe Nation
  • The House Keys
  • Key Stoned Pipe Lines
  • Achordance
  • Goatee Mates
  • The Tuneups
  • Hypothalamusic
  • The Foot Notes
  • The Notations
  • Note a Riot E
  • A Capelactose Intolerant

(And the opposite, an instrumental band without singers: The Instru-Mentalists.)

I assume that half of these are already in use in school a cappella groups. I apologize to those singers – in your case, you picked the perfect name and it’s hilarious. 

If you graduate from college and begin your successful career as an a cappellist, you still may want a side gig. Here are some typically dreadful hair salon names:

  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • The Royal Hair Ball
  • Folicalifornication
  • Barberism
  • Hair Peace
  • Menopausalon
  • American Hairlines
  • Virgin Hair
  • Drone Hairstrikes
  • Supercolassalon
  • Comb Over to My Place
  • Hair B & B
  • Proboscissors
  • Conan the Barberian
  • Hair Cutapella

And now for something completely similar:


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