What if We Hired People for Other Jobs the Way We Hire Politicians?

A Police Officer:

“You should hire me because that other gal that interviewed hangs out with known crooks.”

A Teacher:

“Hire me, not the last person you interviewed, because he is a crook. And there is nothing in his record to suggest that he would not set the children on fire.”

A Doctor:

“Hire me, not that other woman. She’s a crook. Plus, she refuses to answer the question of whether she feeds on human organs.”

An Actor:

“I should get the role, because those other people are crooks. Plus, they aren’t real actors – they’re just pretending to be actors to get you to hire them.”

A Border Patrol Officer:

“Hire me because everyone else who interviewed is a crook. Plus, there is some question as to whether they themselves are illegal aliens. Were any of them even born on this planet? It’s an open question.”

A shoe salesperson:

“You can’t hire that other guy because he’s a crook. He doesn’t care about shoes. if you hire him, it will mean the end of shoes.”

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2 Responses to What if We Hired People for Other Jobs the Way We Hire Politicians?

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was pretty funny. I like your blog!


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